Politechnika Opolska - strona główna

The Opole University of Technology is a compact, friendly university with over half a century of tradition and modern laboratory facilities. At a smaller university, it is easier to get along with everyone and hence, you will establish relationships faster with peers from other years and fields of study. Even the strictest professor treats the student s/he knows differently than the one who is just an anonymous student card number. We offer both technical, economic and medical faculties. Poli – [Gr.] means a lot! Having competed the first-degree studies, you can change your field of study and get a master's degree in another specialization. In recent years, we have invested tens of millions of euros in high performance laboratories. Many of them, such as the neuro-science laboratory, where brain-computer interactions are investigated, or the Movement Laboratory, where the Olympic team is tested, are the landmark laboratories of this type in Poland. The Opole University of Technology is famous for its interesting diploma theses. If you have a research idea, our lecturers will help you develop and implement a diploma you will be proud of. For example, our graduates constructed vehicles powered by solar batteries, chess playing robots, conducted a research project on honey and canoeing trips. Their phone apps, which ‘gave them’ an engineering degree, in fact not only earned them title, but also a salary. Thanks to the extensive cooperation with local and regional businesses and industries, students complete apprenticeships and internships in the largest companies in the region, and then easily find work there. Ifm eco link, Itaka, Opole Power Plant, Górażdże Cement Plant, Polaris, or Sindbad are just the beginning of a long list of our proven partners.

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