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Architecture - additional information

Second-cycle studies: 

Candidates applying for admission to the field of architecture, are required to pass a qualification interview before the faculty admission committee for second degree studies which is  appointed by the dean of the faculty. During the interview  they show their  portfolio covering project achievements from the first degree studies and obtain points. The portfolio evaluation score (applies to candidates for the field of architecture). Maximum number of points to attain is 5. To prerequisite for admission to a second-cycle program (architecture) is to obtain a portfolio result  at least 2 pkt. 

On-line registration completion: 12th February, 2020 at 23.00. 

The qualification interview will start at 9.00. The place and the classroom will be assigned after the IRK system processes all the recruitment data (i.e. choosing the faculty, issuing payment,  providing data from the diploma of completion of previous studies).

Qualification interviewwill take place on 14th February, 2020

Candidates are asked to arrive at around 8.20 to the indicated location.